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Woman in Blue Meditating Outdoors at Just Meditate in Bethesda, MD


I have experienced radical shifts in a very short time since joining Just Meditate. The environment is beautiful, tranquil and first class while the instructors are knowledgable, keep things interesting and give lots of one-on-one attention. I went from fearing meditation to loving and craving it!
--- Dayna Elefant

Absolutely superb instructors and lovely, clean, and zen-like ambience. Highly recommended for beginners to the experienced.--- Peter

The instructor, Sumir had a warm and inviting manner that made me feel safe and welcome. His skill was apparent to me as he guided us through the meditation- my mind started to settle and my body relaxed- at one point we were directed to bring ourselves compassionate attention and acceptance which really brought a wonderful soothing quality to my experience. Constantly I felt a sense of "no place to go, no place to be," throughout my meditation. I found you Amy, the owner to be warm and welcoming as well (and so refreshingly real) which helped put me at ease as I was a little nervous being brand new to the studio.
--- Nina Paul

Enjoyed the guided meditation and the structure that helped to guide me to a relaxed state. Very helpful and overall a terrific experience. --- George V.

I have practiced meditation on and off in groups and on my own but had never been to a place dedicated solely to meditation without affiliation to any particular religion, and with instructors with varied backgrounds. I came to Just Meditate, signed up for my first class - offered for free - and was delighted with the space, the instructor and the result. I returned the next day and, tried a different class with a new instructor. I left feeling calm and nurtured, delighted with my new experience and knowing that I will return regularly. An added bonus is that parking is convenient.---Antonia Feldman

Class was excellent! I learned how to return to present moment. --- George D.

Just Meditate is AMAZING. I had never meditated before, and figured I'd give it a shot. Everyone was so friendly, and my teacher was so sweet and really helpful. Can't wait to go back!       --- Becca Sanchez Martin

I first took a class at Just Meditate and loved it. So, I thought it would be great for my team. I arranged a session at my office for 15 members of my office staff whose job is crazy and busy. It was an hour session during which the Just Meditate instructor took us through different types of meditations. By the end everyone was totally centered and had some new tools to use when the phones are ringing off the hook and they are feeling stressed. It was awesome and Just Meditate is great to work with.--- Amy Schiffman