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Devin Maroney

Devin is a practitioner and teacher of mindfulness meditation. He practices with the intention of cultivating awareness and compassion in himself and helping students learn to do the same. In addition to working with adults, Devin also teaches meditation to middle school students, high school students, and young adults, including individuals with learning and emotional disabilities. He has studied Insight Meditation since 2011, including several months of silent residential retreats. Tara Brach, Jack Kornfield and Jonathan Foust have been his primary teachers.

Prior to teaching meditation, Devin worked for six years in the labor movement as a strategist and lobbyist for the hotel workers union in New York City and Washington, DC. Before going into politics and advocacy, he taught middle school English in Oakland, California. Somewhere in his files he has a Masters Degree in Education Policy from Teachers College and a BA from UC Santa Cruz in history and literature. Mostly, he has really good memories of reading on the beach.

Devin Maroney is currently not instructing any classes.