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Just Meditate brings meditation mainstream. Well-located studio in Bethesda, MD, we  welcome harried clients into a calm environment where they check their life (and their phone) at the door to strengthen and focus their mind. Busy professionals, moms, students, 12-steppers, veterans, kids and more are all able to learn or practice meditation.
Just Meditate strips away the esoteric culture, the religious undertones, and the incense to demystify the practice of meditation. It takes the woo woo out of meditation and makes it accessible to the masses by offering drop in meditation classes through out the day, 7 days a week.


  • Impressive, diverse, qualified instructors
  • 30 & 45 minutes classes
  • Convenient location in Bethesda with great parking across the street 
  • Drop-in rates, punch cards and memberships available!


Meditation is good, right?

Yes! There are numerous benefits to establishing a regular meditation practice.

Here are a few:

1. Improves your self-control, focus, and attention
2. Improves your productivity, creativity, and memory
3. Increases the grey matter in your brain
4. Reduces high blood pressure
5. Relieves pain & PTSD
6. Seems to prevent colds & the flu
7. Reduces stress, anxiety and depression
8.  Increases happiness & immune function
9. Helps in the fight against addiction



Learning to Meditate

You've heard meditation is good for you, right? But do you have to sit daily for 30 minutes or more folded in an uncomfortable position, trying to clear your mind of all your thoughts? The answer is NO! Listen to this Buddhist monk about taming his "monkey mind" and how you can add this to your day.