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Serene hallway entry of Just Meditate's mindfulness meditation studio in Bethesda, MD

Just Meditate Class

A group of students learning to meditate at Just Meditate in Bethesda MD
Meditation Studio 1 at Just Meditate in Bethesda, MD which serves the Washington DC Metro area

Meditation Studio 1

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to come early?

Yes, please. Especially, if you have not pre-registered. We start on time. Late arrivals are disruptive, so we close the doors when class begins. Please come early enough to park, register (10 minutes), remove your shoes, store your stuff and get yourself sorted.

Where do I park?

There is a Montgomery County parking lot across the street that uses the MobileNow! app and quarters. The street meters use quarters and credit cards. You can enter it from St. Elmo or Cordell Avenue. Parking is free in the lot on Saturdays & Sundays.

What do I do with my phone?

Please turn it off. We don’t mean flick to vibrate or put it on silent. Seriously, we do mean turn it completely OFF.  This is a time to disconnect from technology. One buzz, ping, or ring can be disruptive. Thank you.

What do I do with my coat, purse and other belongings?

Please hang your coat on a hook in the hallway above your shoes. Umbrellas should be left in reception. You can take your purse, bag, or brief case into the studio with you if you prefer and store it in a cubby. The door to the studio will be closed once class begins.

Please remove your shoes in reception before going into the studio. Shoes are not allowed in the studio. We do recommend wearing socks into the studio. It will keep your tootsies warm and is more hygienic.

What do I need to bring?

Nothing. We provide everything you need. We have 5-position floor chairs with cushions, regular chairs if you prefer, and blankets if you need additional warmth or modesty.

What happens in class?

Once in the studio, please keep your voice quiet. Select your seat and get comfortable. Your instructor will help you select your type of chair and help you get comfortable in a good position. The instructor will explain everything.

What do I wear?

You can wear whatever you are comfortable in but please wear something! You don't need to wear any special clothes. If you are coming from work and are wearing a skirt or a dress, we have blankets available for modesty purposes. We do recommend bringing a pair of socks with you if you aren't otherwise wearing any as you remove your shoes before entering the meditation room.

I've never meditated before, which class should I choose?

All of our classes are open to everyone, and are a great way to learn a mindfulness practice or strengthen your commitment to your on-going "mind" routine. Every regular daily class is beginner friendly, so you can try them all and see what style "clicks" for you.

My tween/teen has meditated before, can s/he come to an adult class with me?

Unfortunately, no. The adolescent mind requires a meditation practice geared towards the ever changing body and mind of a tween/teen. Classes for this age group are carefully designed for their developmental stage and provides the appropriate level of support by a certified teen meditation instructor. Our adult classes are not designed for this demographic. We do have certified teen instructors that teach workshops and private sessions available.

My life is already too busy. How can I find time to meditate?

Stopping to touch in with your mind and body even briefly each day reduces stress and opens your perspective in a fresh, creative way. Committing to more structured, guided sessions at least once a week helps support your ability to remember to do this, and will shift your habits to being wakefully present in your life.

How will mindfulness training help me in my regular life?

Similar to the way repeated exercise strengthens our body, mindfulness meditation gradually strengthens our ability to be fully present and engaged. This increases our understanding of what is actually going on around us, allowing us to make better, more informed, and less reactive decisions.